A methodology of writing that is not new

<as I’m going away for a few days I don’t know if there will be many updates so in change for inactivity here’s something to read on our beloved topic that is on writing>

How to write? How to write? How to write? The more you are into writing the more often and more desperately you keep repeating this question. What I mean here is the process of pondering about the method and about the approach to creating. The more elaborate version is: what kind of experience am I supposed to transform into writing and then, the most dangerous is to ask how should I live to get the most sought-after experience?

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D.F. Wallace – The Broom of the System

… a mad crackpot genius named Wittgenstein who believed that everything was words. Really. If your car would not start, it was apparently to be
understood as a language problem. If you were unable to love, you were lost in language.

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D. F. Wallace – Infinite Jest

Lenz is seated low in the northeasternmost corner of an old fake-velour love seat he’s jammed in the
northeasternmost corner of the living room. Randy Lenz has a strange compulsive need to be north of everything, and possibly even northeast of
everything, and Gately has no clue what it’s about but observes Lenz’s position routinely for his own interest and files.

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