H. Miller – Tropic of Cancer

Standing on the threshold of that world which Matisse has created I re-experienced the power of that revelation which had permitted Proust to so deform the picture of life that only those who, like himself, are sensible to the alchemy of sound and sense, are capable of transforming the negative reality of life into the substantial and significant outlines of art. Only those who can admit the light into their gizzards can translate what is there in the heart.


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Wes Anderson

Eagerly anticipating the new work of Wes Anderson, this time even more star-studded than usual, I’d like to link up another wonderful video-analysis by kogonada

Symmetry, order. Why should it be Weses weapon of choice? All his characters are lost, misunderstood, far from a straight path. Is he highlighting the contrast between what is being said and what is being seen? Is this Kubrick-like OCD a sign of genius?

(btw: a more scientific look on the topic: https://www.coursera.org/course/ntusym )


None of these will probably be clearer after this one, but how can we miss it?