Thomas Pynchon as a hacker

(Here’s another entry from the other blog, originally posted 05/02/2012)

You know the Anonymous. A mysterious, yet quite popular, loose collective of hackers/activists. That are to be expected or so they say. Since Pynchon’s identity is in fact unknown and his person is unreachable consequently that makes him as anonymous as it gets. However important is the case of reclusiveness and trying to hide from everyone for decades, this is not the main argument here. The point is that he invented a model of  ‘Anonymous network’ before they could ever learn what Linux was.

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Once there were books…

(I though I could use texts from my old blog as well, I find them worth preserving as I’d abandoned the other blog a long time age. This one is from Nobember 6, 2011. PS: try twitter:

Now we have break-time stories, bad-time ornaments. Simply an entertainment. We are having fun reading, isn’t it great? Of course on personal level they still have influence. Hell, they change lives occasionally. They are though-provoking more than anything else we can touch and tasate.  But…

But you may or may not know, once there were Books.

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Yeah, it’s a bit late for a ‘hi’ post, whith few hundred followers (thank you very much!) and all. But I belive in looking for the new ways of expression all the time, so what I had not planned will actually happen form now on. It was supposed to be just easy and to be fun, of course though-provoking, but only little bits and pieces for you to grab inbetween other web pages. It will be more now. Nothing will disapear though, nothing will be taken out from this blog.  <read on -> )

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