J. M. Coetzee – Foe

Thus we see the painter selecting and composing and rendering particulars in order to body forth a pleasing fullness in his scene. The storyteller, by contrast (…), must divine which episodes of his history hold promise of fullness, and tease from them their hidden meanings, braiding these together as one braids a rope.



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What is an author? (short fiction)

Here’s a short fiction work for the Future of Copyright Contest. It has to be published on the net so here it is, on a CC license. The whole idea of this blog is closely tied to the copyright problems (as in ‘about’ page) , so we had to take part. This here is a classic dystopian story with a post-ironic touch. Precisely 15,000 characters. Enjoy.

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Xiu Xiu – Crank Heart

Here’s something a bit weird for this tragic part of the week when Monday is at the door, ready to come in but you are unwilling to acknowledge  this fact and you try to magically influence reality yet the only effect you do achive is a little disfigurement of the space around you. So now  you sit in this odd place, not quite the same as it was an hour befeore, sore and hopeless about having no influence on the calendar at the same time uneasy about your ability to still make things worse.

It seems like a promising beginning of a story so I’ll let it be. In fact it sounds accurate enoguh for me. Xiu Xiu was a good inspiration.