A. Tarkovsky – Stalker

One more experiment. Experiments, facts,truth of the highest instance.

There’s no such thing as facts. Especially here.All this is someone’s idiotic invention.

Don’t you feel it? But you, of course, must find out whose invention it is.

And why. What good can your knowledge do?

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J. Jarmusch – The Limits of Control

‘Are you interested in films, by any chance? I like really old films. You can really see what the world looked like, thirty, fifty, a hundred years ago. You know the clothes, the telephones, the trains, the way people smoked cigarettes, the little details of life. The best films are like dreams you’re never sure you’ve really had. I have this image in my head of a room full of sand. And a bird flies towards me, and dips its wing into the sand. And I honestly have no idea whether this image came from a dream, or a film.’

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