Byron – Don Juan

Some kinder casuists are pleased to say,
     In nameless print—that I have no devotion;
But set those persons down with me to pray,
     And you shall see who has the properest notion
Of getting into heaven the shortest way;
     My altars are the mountains and the ocean,
Earth, air, stars,—all that springs from the great Whole,
Who hath produced, and will receive the soul.

H.G. Gadamer – Text and Interpretation

For no matter how much a work of art may appear to be a historical datum, and
thus a possible object of scholarly/scientific research, it is always the case
that the work says something to us, and it does so in such a way that its
statement can never be exhaustively expressed in a concept.

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R. Musil – The Man Without Qualities

Most of us may not believe in the
story of a Devil to whom one can sell one’s soul, but those who must
know something about the soul (considering that as clergymen, his-
torians, and artists they draw a good income from it) all testify that
the. soul has been destroyed by mathematics and that mathematics is
the source of an evil intelligence that while making man the lord
of the earth has also made him the slave of his machines.

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