D. DeLillo – Cosmopolis

He did this to make certain he

could not accept her offer of financial help. The gesture had touched him but it was necessary to
resist, of course, or die in his soul. But this wasn’t the only reason to piss away her birthright. He
was making a gesture of his own, a sign of ironic final binding. Let it all come down. Let them
see each other pure and lorn. This was the individual’s revenge on the mythical couple.

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O. Wilde – Woman of No Importance #1

H: I dislike London dinner-parties.

A: I adore them. The clever people never listen, and the stupid people never talk.

H: I think stupid people talk a great deal.

A: Ah, I never listen!

Wilde is never getting old. His jokes are not too complicated, he uses simple logic trick, that’s all. However, the secret is to be witty and most importantly do it with style. Even if you know who the dialogue is going to end, it’s hard not to laugh. All these crazy aristocrats, never taking anything serious. Never thrilled, never excited, never in pain. Oscar makes sure that we don’t envy all the rich and famous having all these boring parties. For all I know, being cool haven’t changed in last 100 years.