A. Ginsberg – Siesta in Xbalba

–One could pass valuable months
and years perhaps a lifetime
doing nothing but lying in a hammock
reading prose with the white doves
copulating underneath
and monkeys barking in the interior
of the mountain
and I have succumbed to this

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All the Pretty Flowers

No flower like that flower, which knew itself in the garden, and fought the knife—lost

A. Ginsberg – Kaddish

It’s time get this blog back on track, a little more time and a little more summer outside. That helps.  The quote above caught my eye lately. This isn’t a surprise but let’s make it clear. Allen Ginsberg has a lot more to offer than just Howl.

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M. Proust – Swann’s Way

My grandmother, as I learned afterwards, had at first chosen Mussel’s poems, a volume of Rousseau, and Indiana; for while she considered light reading as unwholesome as sweets and cakes, she did not reflect that the strong breath of genius must have upon the very soul of a child an influence at once more dangerous and less quickening than those of fresh air and country breezes upon his body.

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T. Morgan – Literary Outlaw (W.S. Burroughs)

Joan’s idea of a good time was to go to Child’s at 110th Street and Broadway and sip kummel and have deep conversations about Plato and Kant while listening to classical music. Or she would spend the entire morning in the bathtub, with bubble-bath up to her chin, reading Proust.

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