R. Musil – The Man Without Qualities

For a man’s possibilities, plans, and feel-
ings must first be hedged in by prejudices, traditions, obstacles, and

barriers of all sorts, like a lunatic in his straitjacket, and only then can
whatever he is capable of doing have perhaps some value, substance,
and staying power.

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Once there were books…

(I though I could use texts from my old blog as well, I find them worth preserving as I’d abandoned the other blog a long time age. This one is from Nobember 6, 2011. PS: try twitter: https://twitter.com/slothrop89)

Now we have break-time stories, bad-time ornaments. Simply an entertainment. We are having fun reading, isn’t it great? Of course on personal level they still have influence. Hell, they change lives occasionally. They are though-provoking more than anything else we can touch and tasate.  But…

But you may or may not know, once there were Books.

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D. DeLillo – Cosmopolis

People in free societies don’t have to fear the pathology of the state. We create our own frenzy,
our own mass convulsions, driven by thinking machines that we have no final authority over. The
frenzy is barely noticeable most of the time. It’s simply how we live.

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Regina Spektor – Hero

Power to the people, we don’t want it, we want pleasure

And the TV’s try to rape us and I guess that they’re succeeding

And we’re going to these meetings but we’re not doing any meeting

             And we’re trying to be faithful but we’re cheating, cheating, cheating


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