Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments + Night Light

Instead of songs about Paris here’s Jessie Ware walking all over the place. What a nice trip. Anyway I’m going to be there next week, not for the first time though, so I’d be grateful for some non-obvious recommandations of places to see.

Are there any parisian followers? Or maybe someone just happens to know anything interesting after a holiday visit?

I’ve recovered from last week so there will be more posts soon plus an article on writing, hopefully tomorrow. Stay tuned.

P. Aigrain – Sharing

When we follow the trajectory of creative people, we find other places: bookstore
back-rooms hosting creative writing workshops, pubs with open jam sessions,
small music production units that are at the same time rehearsal studios and
micro concert halls, dance studios, philosophical cafes, squats and hacker spaces
in former industrial buildings where multimedia installations and performances
are prepared, and some public spaces that are beyond the reach of inspectors who
collect fees for public performances.

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