A. Gide – The Counterfeiters

What are the problems which will exercise the minds of tomorrow? It is for them that I desire to write. To provide food for curiosities still unformed, to satisfy requirements not yet defined, so that the child of today may be astonished tomorrow to find me in his path.

Quels problèmes inquiéteront demain ceux qui viennent ? C’est pour eux que je veux écrire. Fournir un aliment àdes curiosités encore indistinctes, satisfaire à des exigences qui ne sont pas encore précisées, de sorte que celuiqui n’est aujourd’hui qu’un enfant, demain s’étonne à me rencontrer sur sa route

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Time to change things

Ok, I’ve came to a conclusion that this blog calls for rethinking of its’ concept. I got to much used to the form, stuck in it. Every day a quote + a painting, a frame, a quote + a painting, a song. We need an evolution here. I realised that after making the last post on Kafka. It was a bit unusal, colorfully multilingual. It brightened things up somewhat. So that I declare from the next post to introduce more creativity in exchange for my robotic movement so far. The old form is exhausted, let’s have a little experiment and found something new, yet not disconnected from the past. Refined quotes will live on! Thank you for stopping by at times. See you in the post above ^^