C. Doctorow – Ebooks: neither e, nor books

Some writers are horrified at the idea that three
hundred thousand copies of my first novel were downloaded and
“only” ten thousand or so were sold so far.

If it were the case that for every copy sold, thirty were taken home from the store, that
would be a horrifying outcome, for sure. But look at it another
way: if one out of every thirty people who glanced at the cover of
my book bought it, I’d be a happy author.

And I am. Those downloads
cost me no more than glances at the cover in a bookstore,
and the sales are healthy.

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V. Erofeev – Moscow-Petushki

I like that. I like it that my country’s people have such empty, bulging
eyes. This instills in me a feeling of legitimate pride. You can imagine
what the eyes are like where everything is bought and sold – deeply
hidden, secretive, predatory and frightening.

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