Foggy, foggy world (part 1)

nost2         #Nostalghia

I can’t imagine our world without fog in it. Much less the works of art that are full of clarity. Maybe that’s because fog is ever ambigious, unclear and touching. In our overstimulated lifes it’s a nature’s way of letting us have some peace of mind, separating us from the excess of the objects in the background. Imagination as well as Goya’s demons come into play, the scene is set just for them.

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Sage Francis – Escape Artist

Here’s some rap music for a change. Of course if you look for impressive lyrics it might be hard to find, but there are same exceptions. Take Sage Francis, who I like especially for mentioning Kerouac, nevertheless the whole song is impressive and video is nice too. The landscape is still frozen, will it ever change? Yesterday we had another ‘likes’ record on Refined Quotes, thanks for each of them.