UNKLE – Lonely Souls

It’s not an official video but.. it’s so… eerie, elusive. What kind of empty world is it set in? UNKLE’s song is perfect in it’s own right but in this context it’s quite a different thing, it’s like you could imagine these pilots are the last men on earth or some kind of sci-fi scenario. It’s gripping and the sky is so limitless here, a perfect combination with music (I’m trying to do quote/painting in this fashion).

It’s not a good choice for fun-friday but I guess you can detatch yourself for a moment here and then come back during some sleepless night. Try to grab a Schlingensief’s movie too if you can although it’s a different story ^^

R. Rorty – Postmodern bourgeois liberalism

Complaints about the social irresponsibility of the intellectuals typically concern the intellectual’s tendency to marginalize herself, to move out from one community by interior identification of herself with some other community-for example, another country or historical period, an invisible college, or some alienated subgroup within the larger community.

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