Q. Meillassoux – After Finitude

Philosophy is the invention of strange forms of argumentation,
necessarily bordering on sophistry, which remains its dark
structural double. To philosophize is always to develop an idea
whose elaboration and defence require a novel kind of
argumentation, the model for which lies neither in positive
science – not even in logic – nor in some supposedly innate faculty
for proper reasoning.


A. Boghossian – Untitled

R. Musil – The Man Without Qualities

“Yes,” he had said, “we no longer have any inner voices. We know
too much these days; reason tyrannizes our lives.”
To which she had replied: “I like the company of women. They
don’t know anything and are unfragmented.’
And Amheim had said: “Nevertheless, a beautiful woman under-
stands far more than a man, who, for all his logic and psychology,
knows nothing at all of life.”

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