E. Moglen – The dotCommunist Manifesto

A Spectre is haunting multinational capitalism–the spectre of free information. All the powers of ‘globalism” have entered into an unholy alliance to exorcize this spectre: Microsoft and Disney, the World Trade Organization, the United States Congress and the European Commission.

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UNKLE – Lonely Souls

It’s not an official video but.. it’s so… eerie, elusive. What kind of empty world is it set in? UNKLE’s song is perfect in it’s own right but in this context it’s quite a different thing, it’s like you could imagine these pilots are the last men on earth or some kind of sci-fi scenario. It’s gripping and the sky is so limitless here, a perfect combination with music (I’m trying to do quote/painting in this fashion).

It’s not a good choice for fun-friday but I guess you can detatch yourself for a moment here and then come back during some sleepless night. Try to grab a Schlingensief’s movie too if you can although it’s a different story ^^

P. Aigrain – Sharing

When we follow the trajectory of creative people, we find other places: bookstore
back-rooms hosting creative writing workshops, pubs with open jam sessions,
small music production units that are at the same time rehearsal studios and
micro concert halls, dance studios, philosophical cafes, squats and hacker spaces
in former industrial buildings where multimedia installations and performances
are prepared, and some public spaces that are beyond the reach of inspectors who
collect fees for public performances.

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T. Mann – Mario and the Magician

It is likely that not willing is not a practicable state of mind; not to want to do something may be in the long run a mental content impossible to subsist on. Between not willing a certain thing and not willing at all-in other words, yielding to another person’s will-there may lie too small a space for the idea of freedom to squeeze into.

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