R. Musil – The Confusions of Young Törless

Perhaps it was these sad colours, or perhaps it was the wan, exhausted light of the afternoon sun, drained of its strength by the haze: there was something indifferent, lifeless, and mechanical about objects and human beings here, as though they were all part of a scene in a puppet-theatre.


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H. Miller – Tropic of Cancer

So far there have been no dreams that have taken wing. Not one man has been born light enough, gay enough, to leave the earth! The eagles who flapped their mighty pinions for a while came crashing heavily to earth. They made us dizzy with the flap and whir of their wings. Stay on the earth, you eagles of the future! The heavens have been explored and they are empty. And what lies under the earth is empty too, filled with bones and shadows. Stay on the earth and swim another few hundred thousand years!


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J. Milton – Paradise Lost

  • And that must end us; that must be our cure,

  • To be no more. Sad cure! for who would lose,

  • Though full of pain, this intellectual being,

  • Those thoughts that wander through eternity,

  • To perish rather, swallowed up and lost

  • In the wide womb of uncreated night,

  • Devoid of sense and motion?

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