2013 on Refined Quotes – Part 3 : The Movies

A little bit late, but still we are going to continue the series. Here are a few exeptional movies, not made but seen by us in 2013.

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2013 on Refined Quotes – Part 1 : The Blog

There is one rule of the whole New Year thing and it is a rule that says you better make a summary, that you should look behind and try to remember what happened. As I will explain, 2013 was the only serious year for the blog so far. Here is a remotely serious sum-up of our journey into arts of 2013.

My retro song of the year is this:

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Time to change things

Ok, I’ve came to a conclusion that this blog calls for rethinking of its’ concept. I got to much used to the form, stuck in it. Every day a quote + a painting, a frame, a quote + a painting, a song. We need an evolution here. I realised that after making the last post on Kafka. It was a bit unusal, colorfully multilingual. It brightened things up somewhat. So that I declare from the next post to introduce more creativity in exchange for my robotic movement so far. The old form is exhausted, let’s have a little experiment and found something new, yet not disconnected from the past. Refined quotes will live on! Thank you for stopping by at times. See you in the post above ^^

Macklemore – Ten Thousand Hours

Finally, I’m back after a week of absence. The great surprise is that the blog waited and as I see right now the ‘follow-count’ is precisely at 999, so today I will have this happy moment of making another step in the blog world, the maturity of the thousand. I shouldn’t care so much about the numbers, yet somehow I need them to keep track. There os no place for celebrating I’m heading for 10 000 from now on, work ahead. I have no idea what direction is this blog going but it seems that it goes somewhere. The goal is the same as ever, to understand art better, to maintain contact with it, to expirience it more often.

Thank you for the support in visits, likes and comments. Most of all to the commenters, who supply insightful feedback. I loved some of the ideas posted here, I really did. Special thanks to the most active readers: Bella, jumeirajames, The Global Perambulator, hitandrun1964 and Mike. See you in the next post.

Have fun today and come back tomorrow for quotes ^^

Once there were books…

(I though I could use texts from my old blog as well, I find them worth preserving as I’d abandoned the other blog a long time age. This one is from Nobember 6, 2011. PS: try twitter: https://twitter.com/slothrop89)

Now we have break-time stories, bad-time ornaments. Simply an entertainment. We are having fun reading, isn’t it great? Of course on personal level they still have influence. Hell, they change lives occasionally. They are though-provoking more than anything else we can touch and tasate.  But…

But you may or may not know, once there were Books.

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Yeah, it’s a bit late for a ‘hi’ post, whith few hundred followers (thank you very much!) and all. But I belive in looking for the new ways of expression all the time, so what I had not planned will actually happen form now on. It was supposed to be just easy and to be fun, of course though-provoking, but only little bits and pieces for you to grab inbetween other web pages. It will be more now. Nothing will disapear though, nothing will be taken out from this blog.  <read on -> )

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