R. Musil – The Man Without Qualities

Thus their walk came to an end. The result for all of them was wet feet, an irritated brain – as though the thin, bare branches on the trees, sparkling in the winter sun had turned to splinters stuck in the retina – a vulgar craving for hot coffee, and the feeling of human forlornness.

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R. Musil – The Confusions of Young Törless

You see this book. Here is philosophy. It treats of the grounds determining our actions.

And if you could fathom this, if you could feel your way into the
depths of this, you would come up against nothing but just such principles,
which are inherent in the nature of thought and do in fact determine everything,
although they themselves cannot be understood immediately and without
more ado.

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S. Freud – The Future of an Illusion

For the individual, too, life is hard to bear, just as it is for mankind in general. The civilization in which he participates imposes some amount of privation on him, and other men bring him a measure of suffering, either in spite of the precepts of his civilization or because of its imperfections.

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