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Here are articles published on the blog:

The Praise of Erring 01/02/2014

2013 on Refined Quotes – Part 3 : The Movies 07/01/2014

2013 on Refined Quotes – Part 2 : The Books 31/12/2013

2013 on Refined Quotes – Part 1 : The Blog 31/12/2013

Are we monks or are we zombies? 17/11/2013

from chaos to the wet stars, a piece about creativity 04/10/2013

Pleasure as a source of suffering – population control in ‘Brave new world’, ‘Naked Lunch’ and ‘Infinite Jest’.  18/09/2013

Mark Tansey paints thinking 27/08/2013

We got art. Now, what do we do?  12/08/2013

What is an author? (short fiction)  30/07/2013

In art, no rights for the wicked 06/07/2013

All the Pretty Flowers 30/06/2013

Foggy, foggy world part 2 – vanity 04/06/2013

Foggy, foggy world (part 1) 28/05/2013

Inside Proust, away from the world 23/05/2013

Escaping the form on a horse with Daft Punk  21/05/2013

A methodology of writing that is not new 26/04/2013

Don’t believe the artists 05/04/2013

Seeing is art 30/03/2013

Behind Colors 31/01/2013

Thomas Pynchon as a hacker 05/02/2012

Who’s afraid of Franz Kafka?  21/03/2013

Once there were books… 06/11/2011

What did Antonioni know about the Internet? 13/03/2013

Unforgettable females 08/03/2013

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  1. sfhopkins says:

    This is a wonderful blog, but I can find nowhere and no way to follow it. Why not?

  2. sfhopkins says:

    Found it! I’m following your blog.

  3. love your content 🙂

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