Here are some interesting links, more or less connected to the issue of culture in the information age ( or about reading) 

GoodReads: simply put, the major socialbnetwork of book lovers, book readers and book buyers. Add me. 

WikiPaintings: I suppose it’s the most complete catalgue of paintings on the web, the first place to learn more about the authors you’ve just discovered. 

Open Culture : a great source of videos, movies, online courses, free ebooks and anything you can dream of. 

They Shoot Pictures Don’t They?  : an unbelivable source of movies you haven’t watched but really should have. All the classics are here, all the worthwhile new names too. 

The Complete Review  a large database with book reviews collected from the Internet/papers

Yale Courses: Introduction to Theory of Literature with Paul H. Fry – all the lectures on youtube

ArtsyA modern fine arts portal, feeding you with all the latest trends in the industry of the ‘art world’ 

Google Art Project  A place where you can see a few museums in a ‘digital’ way.

‘Sharing: culture and the economy in the Internet age’ by Philipe Aigrain – a free e-book, containing interesting arguments in the debate about the relations  between cultural industry and world wide web.

Everything is remix : series on re-using of artistic elements and yeah, it’s been going on since forever. A must see!

PBS Idea Channel: youtube series on interesting new cultural phenomena, made in a quite entertaining way

         – episode on long and complicated novels compared to ‘home stuck’

xkdc: as they put it : ‘webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language’ . Brilliant work

TED talks : well, you know what it is, short speeches on valuable topics

        talk on fears as stories

        talk on the advantages of being an introvert

treating design as art 

Entitled opinions: inspiring series of radio shows on wide range of topic, from philosophy to literature of course. Most of the speakers are researchers from Stanford and other universities. Highly recommended

Waking life movie transcript – basically, it’s a collection of esseys on life, philosophy, dreams and art, each from a unique point of view. make sure to watch the movie first!


       – literary puns on ‘the rumpus’

  -the Nobel prize in literature should go to Google? (wired)

raz 652

9 comments on “More!

  1. SoundEagle says:

    Thank you very much for the fantastic recommendations.

    Indeed, more more more!

  2. Patrik Sampler says:

    Good to hear from you. Let me know if you’d like a review copy of To the Stoning.

  3. Jill London says:

    I knew some of these already, but if only for openculture, thank-you so so much.

  4. Lau says:

    This is a very interesting and intriguing blog.. Very nice!

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