100 favorite paintings

The list so far, of those used in posts:

  1. M. Ernst – The Angel of the home or the Triumph of Surrealism

  2. R. Magritte – Clairvoyance

  3. W. Turner – The Slave Ship

  4. H. Matisse – Joy of Life

  5. V. van Gogh – The Starry Night

  6. A. Modigliani – Jeanne Hebuterne

  7. C. D. Friedrich –  Two Men by the Sea

  8. W. Turner –  Sunrise with Sea Monsters
  9. F. Goya – The MadHouse

  10. P. P. Rubens – Jupiter and Callisto

  11. P. Picasso – The Young Ladies of Avignon

  12. E. Hopper – Intermission

  13. Rembrandt – A Man in a Room

  14. O. Guayasamin – Hands of Protest

  15. S. Dali – Geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of the New Man

  16. E. Degas – Woman Trying on a Hat

  17. F. Goya – The Captivity is as Barbarous as the Crime

  18. H. Rousseau – Negro Attacked by a Jaguar
  19.                              J.S. Sargent – Lady Agnew of Lochnaw

  20. W. Turner – Fort Vimieux

  21. P. P. Rubens – The Feast of Herod

  22. V. van Gogh – Funeral in the Snow near the Old Tower

  23. W. Turner – Petworth park

  24. M.C. Escher – Reptiles

  25. C.D. Friedrich – A Walk at Dusk

  26. R. Lichtenstein – Crying Girl

  27. K. Kollwitz – Whetting the Scythe

  28. Vallatton – Woman Searching through a Cupboard

  29. E. Hopper – New York Movie

  30. Rembrandt- The Night Watch
  31.                               K. Kollwitz – Outbreak

  32. F. Goya – Colossus

  33. M. Tansey The Triumph of the New York School
  34.                                W. Podkowinski – Szal

  35. S. Polke – Untitled (Doppelportrat)
  36.                                E. Hopper – Morning Sun

  37. R. Varo – The Call

  38. M. Ernst – Barbarians Marching to the West

  39. P. Klee – The signatories to the window (The artist at the window)

  40. V. van Gogh – Sower with the Setting Sun

  41. E. Munch – Self-portrait in hell

  42. P. Bruegel – The Death of the Virgin

  43. M. Tansey – The Judgement of Paris
  44.                              G. Klimt – Lady with fan

  45. M. Dobuzhinsky- New York Rooftops, My Windows in New York

  46. G. Dou – A Sleeping Dog with Terracotta Pot

  47. Pablo Picasso – Man and woman in café
  48.                                C. Monet – Landscape at Giverny
  49.                                A. Souto – Chamber of Torture

  50. F. Picabia – Villica safe

  51. W. de Kooning – Easter Monday

  52. E. Hopper – Automat

  53. P.P. Rubens- Cupid Riding a Dolphin

  54. Max Ernst – Birds also Birds, Fish Snake and Scarecrow

  55. J. M. Basquiat – Glenn

  56. O. Guayasamin – Tears of Blood

  57. Ramedios Varo – Sympathy

  58. V. Hugo – Ermitage Rock in an imaginary landscape

  59. A. Micallef – Head 2

  60. J.A. Grimshaw – The Lovers

  61. K. Kollwitz – Need

  62. G. Dore – They heard, and were abashed, and up they sprung

  63. M. Rothko – Untitled
  64. P. Picasso – Harlequin

  65. I. Shishkin – Krestovsky IslandShrouded in Mist

  66. Joseph Wright -Virgil’s tomb with the figure of silius italicus
  67.                                                                                                                      J. S. Sargent – Nonchaloir (Repose)
  68.                                                                                                                     S. Francis – Chinese Planet

  69. B.E. Murillo -The Prodigal Son Feasting with Courtesans

  70. Robert Goodnough – Horses III

  71. S. Dali – Modern Rhapsody

  72. C. D. Friedrich – Morning

  73. Vajda Lajos – Monster’s Head

  74. J. M.  Basquiat – Poison Oasis
  75. P.P. Rubens -The Fall of Icarus
  76.                                                                                                                   W. Kandinsky – Several circles
  77.                                                                                                                   E. Manet – Music in the Tuileries Garden

  78. P. Klee – An allegory of propaganda

  79. H. Matisse – Conversation
  80.                                                                                                                    F. Picabia – Meliboeus
  81.                                                                                                                    J. Tissot – Older Sister
  82.                                                                                                                  A. van de Venne – The Dance of Death

  83. V. Hugo – The Snake

  84. M. Avery – Poetry Reading
  85.                                                                                                                      I. Aivazovsky- Ingermanland

  86. J. Sargent – Siesta
  87.                                                                                                                   N. De Campos – ?

  88. Rudolf von Alt -The Library of the Palais Lanckoronski Vienna

  89. J. Dubuffet – Traveler in rich soil

  90. J. Sorolla – The Waves at San Sebastian

  91. L. Freud – Self – Portrat

  92. L. Freud – Father and daughter
  93.                                                                                                                      R. Dufy – Still Life
  94.                                                                                                                    P. Picasso – Lying female nude under the pine tree
  95.                                                                                                                     A. de Souza-Cardoso – Grief. Head. Boquilha

  96. M. Tansey – Derrida Queries de Man

  97. A. Mantegna- San Sebastian

  98. O. Redon – In the balance

  99. G. de Chirico – Conversation

  100. G. Inness-  End of day


10 comments on “100 favorite paintings

  1. Pat(ricia) says:

    I am so completely enthralled and intrigued by what I have seen here – and clearly discovered on your space.

    Thank you.

    These paintings resonate with me – and quite frankly, for as strange as this may sound, the order and appearance seem to be telling me a story that is resonating in my life.

    If you would be so kind, I 1) am going to reblog this on my space and 2) was wondering if I could perhaps use some of these images, perhaps a later date, for my own posts?

    Please let me know.

    • Hey, it’s great that you’re interested! Of course use it in any way you like, of course the images aren’t mine anyway and order should not matter too much. Except a few original texts this blog is about re-using & putting works of art into new contexts, so I’m glad you’d like to do that yourself.
      On another note, this page is only started, I put some paintings that I’d used in the latest posts, as it takes time to figure out the whole list, but hopefully I’ll soon be able to add more to at least get to 100.
      Thank you too!
      Have a fine day.

      • Pat(ricia) says:

        Thanks for the reply – partial lists are great too – and thanks – I figured that you had “borrowed” the images from internet sources, but was feeling a bit lazy to wander off and re-source on my own – so thank you.

        I really enjoy your space – interesting, curious and stimulating – all great things in my book of life.

      • thanks, it’s just one big experiment and I have some ideas where to go next with it, so I hope it won’t die too soon. You should visit wikipaintings,com it’s probably the best source for paintings, and artsy.net is nice too

      • Pat(ricia) says:

        thanks for the tips 🙂

      • Pat(ricia) says:

        And thank you for the Blog following – appreciated 🙂

  2. vincent lombardo says:

    jsor?? skeletons warming their hands

  3. vincent lombardo says:

    excuse me, ENSOR

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