The woderful SZA

There was a post about her but in case you missed it I’ll return to praising her, for she’s the most interesting artist that emerged this year, and her new record comes out next week.

All the crucial elements she has. The voice is sublime, the lyrics are full of spirituality, still avoiding being banal or dull. I mean you can trust her, just listen.

Then, beside that, there is a lot to contemplate in her music videos. She carefully constructs her image – an introvert, a soul that has been hurt a few times too many. And her close relationship with nature is also there, especially the forest filmed in ‘Ice Moon’ is simply out of this world.

Now, being signed to the leading hip-hop label of today –  TDE she’s going to have a shot at wider fame very soon. I can’t see any other possibility right now, with such talent and dedication. She should try a song with Janelle Monae, they’d be like fire and ice put togather. Peace.



P. Tchaikovsky – Marche Slave in B-flat minor, Op. 31

Here’s a little change of pace. It always helps to shake  things up a little. I have no expirience in listening to classical music but while trying to change that, this is one of the first things that really caught my eye (ear?). It’s grand, it’s moving, it’s making you feel powerful, in a serious way that nothing in popular music can match. Well, like in any other post here I’m just sharing the things I like, try it if you haven’t already. There is no life without music.

What I gather ‘Marche Slave’ is a french title, so it isn’t about slaves (what the American Film Academy would probably love) but Slavs, a fine group that I happen to be part of. Yet still, on a serious note, (according to wiki) it was written to support Serbs (fellow Slavs) fighting with Turks a long time ago. Now, in a day when there is a lot of trouble between Russia and Ukraine I won’t try to get polical here, rather I’d be happy to point out that regardless of its’ orgins great art is always international by nature, it shouldn’t be judged by local, national measures and fianlly can’t be brought down to the level of politics and disputes. Long live the Russian art, forget the political leaders.