2,000 follows!

Thank you, thank you indeed. Here’s a celebration post for the occasion.

It’s great to be generating some interest, I promise to keep evolving, the plans are made just the time hasn’t came yet.

But for now, let’s do art!


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Wes Anderson

Eagerly anticipating the new work of Wes Anderson, this time even more star-studded than usual, I’d like to link up another wonderful video-analysis by kogonada

Symmetry, order. Why should it be Weses weapon of choice? All his characters are lost, misunderstood, far from a straight path. Is he highlighting the contrast between what is being said and what is being seen? Is this Kubrick-like OCD a sign of genius?

(btw: a more scientific look on the topic: https://www.coursera.org/course/ntusym )


None of these will probably be clearer after this one, but how can we miss it?