P. Sloterdijk – The Art of Philosophy

We seldom realize how much what we call high culture owes to the mournful, productive type of person with the potent combination of melancholia and energetic initiative. In today’s terminology, we would tend to locate such character images in the region of schizoid structures. They are typical of people who, in psychoanalytic terms, are “born incomplete.” Nothing is more normal for them than being remote from any kind of normality. Their realism is manifested in their tendency to move in the shadow worlds of reverie. By indulging the inclination to encapsulate themselves in webs of moods and conjecture, they sometimes come up with world-shattering revelations.

*W. Siudmak – Solitary Heros

4 comments on “P. Sloterdijk – The Art of Philosophy

  1. christawojo says:

    Reblogged this on My Sweet Delirium and commented:
    This describes me (though I’m still working on shattering the world), my characters, my favorite artists and writers, and many of my creative contemporaries. Being ‘normal’ is the most unnatural and incomprehensible thing for us!

  2. christawojo says:

    Thanks for posting this quote. This is the second time I’ve come across a Sloterdijk excerpt, and I adore it. I will go find his work right now!

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