Notes on Nietzsche 20/01/2015

  1. If you find yourself disgusted by Nietzsche writing on ‘masters and slaves’ consider this.
  2. The problem is about the mentality, about the inside, it’s about how your inner self work and it’s not about degrading others.
  3. We live in a thunderstorm of information and influences in which we try to maneuver blindfolded.
  4. Only those who remain in control of their behavior, those who know how to steer through do possess an agency, the rest is passive to those forces, even worse they are not conscious of the chains.
  5. But now, being master/slave is about having control of your own actions of your own direction, it’s not determined, it’s not fixed like it was for those categories in the ancient past. It’s about you trying to become better all the time.
  6. It’s as much a philosophy as a motivational guidelines.
  7. Learn the difference between what you want and what someone wants you to want.



5 comments on “Notes on Nietzsche 20/01/2015

  1. Wonderful post with terrific advice.

  2. Austin Starr says:

    those who know how to steer through do poses an agency, This is such a treat — Nietzsche is so misunderstood. After his breakdown, it was his sister, who was married to a notorious fascist, who massaged Nietzsche words to sound like they supported fascism.
    I don’t quite understand the part I copied and pasted here — could you explain.

    • That’s true about his sister, but still his writings are too inconclusive and even contradictory to agree on one, ‘right’ vision – we can only use parts and with caution.
      I meant ‘possess’ of course, sorry, my english is not perfect :> but if you mean what’s the general meaning I’ll explain, let me know

  3. Austin Starr says:

    oh thanks that makes sense. also makes sense to agree no one rite version is rite. his comments are so insightful, esp to what’s happening on the planet now. thanks again for posting.

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