2013 on Refined Quotes – Part 3 : The Movies

A little bit late, but still we are going to continue the series. Here are a few exeptional movies, not made but seen by us in 2013.

Theo Angelopoulos –  Landscape in the Mist

A touching story of a journey – two small kids that want to know their father run away form home. Except the pain, everything is beautiful, the landscapes, the scenes, the slow tempo. But it is the pain, nevertheless, that is felt the most.


John Woo – Hard-boiled

Forget Hollywood. This is the most awsome action movie of all time. From start to finish it’s bang, bang, bang, from all sides, everywhere, with explosions, deceit and a whole lot of jumping and shooting. I hate this type of movies too ! but this is an exception –  pure crack.


Michelangelo Antonioni – L’eclisse

Antonioni’s Passanger and Red Desert were both very close to being mantioned here, but if I had to chose, this one struck me harder. It’s all fun and games for Vitti here. She is the center of the universe, but being lost and adrift, she just runs around without looking for answers, not even trying. But after all, the movie hints that no one has any. That being said Antonioni has chosen aesthetics as his guide and he actually got somewhere.


Alain Resneis – Last Year at Marienbad

The winner of the year for me. By far.  The expirience of watching it for the first time is something I will never forget. Never there was a movie so perfectly maneuvering around the realm of dreams. The story of a romance is typical, but as we have no clue if and when did it happened (maybe in the future?) it is hard to stay untouched. Or you may see it as a horror  world of wax figures that are barely moving. How can you forget the dark figure of the husband appearing here and now out of the blue with his game of numbers? All this blurred lines between moments and places make this film more like a magic trick with a plot or anything else that goes beyond just words and pictures. Never miss a chance to watch it.


Christoph Schlingensief – The 120 Days of Bottrop

Let the madness begin. This one is hard to come by, so good luck with piratebaying it. And probably it is enough to say what the story is about to get your attention. Simply, a group of old-school german movie people, veterans of the 60’s new wave, are aiming at a triumphant return with a new version of Sade’s 120 days of Sodom. And it is what is sound like. A perfect storm, a chaotic, ironic statement about cinema’s past sin of love for transgression. The spirit of Rainer Fassenbinder is supposdly there too, laughing.


Harmony Korine – Spring Breakes

Maybe it isn’t aways easy to make a distinction between artificiality and a parody of artificiality but this is obviously the second case. Korine is at his best expermienting with visuals, colors and sounds. The effect is stunnig, this soon-to-be cult movie is speaking the language of a music viedo clip for over an hour. Fun comes at a cost and the pretty girls are really devils but you knew that already. And if it’s a but too flashy and mainstream for you, try watching Trash Humpers.


Andrei Tarkovsky – Nostalghia

On the other side of the spectrum there is Nostghia. A silent, slow pondering of a stranger lost in the fog. A silent, slow story of a mad man who is not a spectacle but a quiet obsessed bearer of fire. If you can find metaphysics anywhere in cinema, then it is here. A silent, slow explenation why the world’s collapsing. A silent, slow masterpiece.


Nicolas Winding Refn – Bronson

I’ve became a big fan of Nicolas Refn over the year (Only God Forgives and Valhalla Rising could have made the list as well). Maybe because there is no easy to tell who is good and who is evil in his movies. Bronson has all the desired qualities: determination, passion, he is unapologetic, inspiring, always staying true to his ideals. Only that he would smash your head the first thing he sees you. He just lacks control and prison can’t change that.


Robert Bresson – Au hasard Balthazar

And another gloom, pessimistic portrait of the worst human natures among us. A suffering donkey watches calmly form the side a girl who decided to ruin herself in all possible ways and damage the ones close to her. Out of boredom I guess.


Pedro Costa – Colossal Youth



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