2013 on Refined Quotes – Part 1 : The Blog

There is one rule of the whole New Year thing and it is a rule that says you better make a summary, that you should look behind and try to remember what happened. As I will explain, 2013 was the only serious year for the blog so far. Here is a remotely serious sum-up of our journey into arts of 2013.

My retro song of the year is this:

<read on –>


Although it all started somewhere in the fall of 2011 the true life of Refined Quotes began precisely in January of 2013 just 12 months ago. For whatever reason it was a giant leap despite the cold winter. Thus say stats page:

December 2012 -> 176 views / 40 visitors

January 2013 ->  3315 views  /971  visitors

Quite a revolution. And I have no idea where it came from. Well, maybe a slight one. In that time I started adding paintings to the quotes and then started with the movie frames. In both cases 8 1/2 was the inspiration.

Jan 12, the first illustrated post -> https://quotily.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/f-fellini-8-12-2/

Jan 13, the first frame, Guido and Carla on their way to adultery -> https://quotily.wordpress.com/2013/01/13/8-12/

After that everything was put into motion. I’ll indulge into more boring numbers just this once I hope that’s not too off-putting.

First article arrived at 08/03/2013, the first illustrated one 21/05/2013 , other than that we had one short fiction story and one foot-noted, longer piece on literature.

( all of these in here -> https://quotily.wordpress.com/our/texts/ )

Finally I’ve added a few lists of favorite works in literature, movies , TV series and movie frames  (in menu above) and recently on 07/12/2013 the first tentative review of Collosal Youth (https://quotily.wordpress.com/2013/12/07/review-box-colossal-youth-100-favorite-movies-list/ )

Overall it’s: 1560 followers  at the moment (thank you!). 19,279 views this year  (and just 702 in 2012 !) average of 53 / day. Wow!

Most viewed posts this year are:


For how can I go so far as to try to use language to get between pain and its expression?




Again, I have no idea what it means 🙂

Visits by country 🙂

USA -> UK -> Canada -> Poland (thanks guys!) -> Australia -> India -> Germany

But we hosted at least one person from every possible place on earth and what a fantastic feeling is to know that ! Namibia, Zimbabwe, Saint Lucia, Uganda and so on and so on ! So cool!

Alright, alright, let’s move on to the real business. Books of 2013 are next !

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