[Review Box] – Colossal Youth (100 favorite movies list)

# 95  Colossal Youth (Juventude Em Marcha)P. Costa, 2006.

The list so far:


That’s a japanese trailer to make it harder.

The movie is dark, like the hero’s skin and it is a tough, thorny piece of cinema but rewarding.

You would get lost in its’ maze if it wasn’t for one letter, an unwritten letter, that goes:

“Nha cretcheu, my love…
Being together again
will brighten our lives for at least 30 years.

I’ll come back to you strong and loving.
I wish I could offer you
100000 cigarettes, a dozen fancy dresses, a car, that little lava house you always dreamed of, a threepenny bouquet.

You need to relax.

But most of all, drink a bottle of good wine and think of me.

Here, it's nothing but work.
There are over a hundred of us now.

Two days ago, for my birthday,

I thought about you for a long while.

Did my letter arrive safely?

Still nothing from you.

The letter, the only anchor which is sadly nothing but a fantasy, a futile dream.

But he is not alone, he is just in transition. There are other people. 

But every last one of them is damaged.

But when a film as rich in character, feeling, and visual interest as Pedro Costa’s Colossal Youth is described as “minimalist,” you have to ask: Compared to what—Transformers?


She was swimming with sharks…

He lost his love…

They took her baby when it was born…

Fear not the dark, fear the emptiness of the bleached white walls


…is this a hospital? is there a cure?

but there are people who help, Ventura helps.

but who is he? a man in the fog? is he real?

nost2 #nostlaghia

Come back to the letter, above, try again. Is it a ghost of Beckett?  Who are they waiting for?

Looking for a real home, not just white walls?

* E. Munch -Workers on Their Way Home

The movie is as much about looking at people and buildings in a certain way as it is about any specific individual or address.


This is Bela Tarr comming down to earth. This is somethig to feel, you can close your eyes.

This is not ‘how it will end?’ this is ‘how  can he endure it?’ 

And it goes on….
                            and on…
                                          and it ends quietly….

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