2013 on Refined Quotes – Part 2 : The Books


There was a lot of rereading for me (Infinite Jest, V, Mao II, Brave New World, Naked Lunch, Lord of Flies, The Trial, Swann’s Way, Crime and Punishment) and other side-stuff to do (a thesis on IP and philosophy courses) but still I managed to finally sink my teeth into a few great books. Here are short highlights:

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2013 on Refined Quotes – Part 1 : The Blog

There is one rule of the whole New Year thing and it is a rule that says you better make a summary, that you should look behind and try to remember what happened. As I will explain, 2013 was the only serious year for the blog so far. Here is a remotely serious sum-up of our journey into arts of 2013.

My retro song of the year is this:

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R. Musil – The Man Without Qualities

Have you ever seen a dog?” he asked. “You only think you have. What you see is only something you feel more or less justified in regarding as a dog. It isn’t a dog in every respect, and always has some personal quality no other dog has.

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G. Apollinaire – The Emigrant from Landor Road

Inserted in each year were widowed days

Slow bloody Fridays filled with funerals

Of whites and blacks conquered by skies that rained

Whenever the devil’s wife had beaten her man


   Intercalées dans l’an c’étaient les journées veuves
Les vendredis sanglants et lents d’enterrements
De blancs et de tout noirs vaincus des cieux qui pleuvent
Quand la femme du diable a battu son amant

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