R. Bresson – Au hasard Balthazar

-Keep it. It’s not money I need,but a friend.

-Yes, a friend.

-A friend who can tell me
how to run away. I’ve always wanted to.

-Run away?

-Run away. A friend to share my pleasures and pains.

-I’ll share your pains and pleasures. But I hope it’s more pleasure than pain.

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100 favorite movies and other lists

Alright, so the list of our favorite movies seems complete, you can have a look and, I hope, say what you think about it. The list of favorite novels is under construction, but the TV series are also done and up there. There are a few other rankings in the making and they will appear sooner or later,  but as for now take a look on the movies and hopefully get inspired to watch something. The problem is that after all the work the 100 seems too small a number, so the list should grow to 200 at some point. How can it ever end though?Now, have a good night while I’m off to NYC.

from chaos to the wet stars, a piece about creativity

…so that he could plunge back into his chaos and drag out of it, with all its wet stars, his cosmos.

V. Nabokov – The Pale Fire

What can we say about creativity and about the process of creation? Let’s see. Nabokov here, comes up with a plan, which sounds to be rather simple. First you jump into your chaos and then, you bring back a cosmos. Probably the Greeks would agree. Maybe ha has a point, we shouldn’t rule it out just like that becasue it’s a story as old as the world itself. You know. Take a look on how Harris saw Pollock creating:

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