F. Kafka – The Trial

He was always inclined to take life as lightly as he could, to cross bridges when he came to them, pay no heed for the future, even when everything seemed under threat.

Er neigte stets dazu, alles möglichst leicht zu nehmen, das Schlimmste erst beim Eintritt des Schlimmsten zu glauben, keine Vorsorge für die Zukunft zu treffen, selbst wenn alles drohte.

Il avait toujours tendance à prendre les choses légèrement, à ne croire au pire que quand il arrivait et à ne pas s’armer de précautions pour l’avenir, même alors que tout menaçait ;


7 comments on “F. Kafka – The Trial

  1. Words to live by.

  2. spaghettisquiggles says:

    Something that should be remembered by everyone more often

  3. mrcarapace says:

    I really like Orson Welles’s analysis to Anthony Perkins while they were making the movie version in the sixties: “He’s Guilty As Hell!”

  4. AnElephantCant deny it
    His books are not crammed with laughter
    But they are a delight
    This dude could write
    AnElephant loves Franz Kafka

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