3 comments on “L’eclisse

  1. Okay…everyone who sees this picture will have their own gut response. Mine is…complete loss and isolation. Pressed against the headboard, in an effort to feel something solid in her life, she feels totally alone. Her thoughts run between shock and stillness to a sense of hopelessness and then a glimmer of “maybe,” something will happen. The impact of this image is profound and this is my personal feeling about it.

    • Amazing., you got all this without watching the movie? As it’s pretty much what happens, with emphasis on ‘maybe’ and playfullness and little less on the dark mood, yet the theme of the whole movie is about running out of solid fundations. This also proves how much can be put into one single frame and surely Antonioni has made the effort to keep that atmosphere up in each and every frame.

  2. I never heard of the film. Just what it looks like.

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