Jefferson Airplane – House at Pooneil Corners

Here’s a real treat, found on Open Culture. Jefferson Airplane decided to play on a manhattan rooftop one fine morning of 1968. Godard is there with a movie camera to capture it with his shaky hand. Plus there are few hundred newyorkers confused as hell. The ending is not that happy, as soon police forces decided to put a stop to this free show. Nevertheless this is something to see. Let’s  hope that a pretty surpirse of this kind might occur tomorrow, on your way to work/school. Hope, hope, hope.

One comment on “Jefferson Airplane – House at Pooneil Corners

  1. I am always delighted to see unsuspecting people enthralled by spontaneous live music. People in ties, people who seem to hold themselves together, in order to make it through the day, pulled out of their daily mold and allowing themselves to look up and see something wild and different.

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