G. Dyer – The Ongoing Moment

More recently, Steve Pyke has made a series of pictures of philosophers but, when all is said and done, most of them just look like old blokes with wayward hair, bags under their eyes, and eyebrows that have taken leave of their senses.

*S. Pyke – Karl Popper

7 comments on “G. Dyer – The Ongoing Moment

  1. An interesting face to be sure. We start out fresh and smooth and then life has its way with us and we start to show the wear and tear. By the end we can’t recognize ourselves because life has painted a picture of her own over the face we thought we once knew.

  2. coyotero2112 says:

    The Philosophy Department where i used to work was full of guys who resemble that quote. Always wondered whether the hair, bags, brows and often beards were issued with their Philosopher Licenses, or whether they were required to get said license. Love to know.

    • That should be of interest for philosophy students too. Of course you gain bags from reading etc. the only problemy is if a job at academia is rewarding enough or is it just damage to your body. I ‘m getting to think being just a writer is ‘safer’ in that aspect.

  3. coyotero2112 says:

    Just saw you have “Literary Outlaw” on your reads list. Loved the part of that where the author mentioned the perfect ending would be for Burroughs to die.

  4. Interesting post! Steve Pyke is a colleague of mine, so I smiled when I read your words about his philosopher series. Peace and blessings, Michele

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