David Bowie – Scary Monsters

Another post in ‘classics’ category. Trivia:  in 1973 Bowie met Burroughs . On another note, this song may remind us of hardly appreciated role of monsters in our culture. With fear and with excitement, however,  we cherish good monsters like good wine. They are born of our thoughts, they fed on our angsts and under our eyes they grow to be popular spieces, so vivid and full of life. They are our unloved children, a look in a broken mirror and as you see it takes Bowie to make a serious tribute. With all due respect to Kubrick we don’t need to think so literally in art, as to focus on humans as humans like he did in the Shining. We can always use some monsters as humans or humans’ problems, at least zombies, in a good ol’ George-Romero-night-of-the-living-dead way.

R. Musil – The Confusions of Young Törless

You see this book. Here is philosophy. It treats of the grounds determining our actions.

And if you could fathom this, if you could feel your way into the
depths of this, you would come up against nothing but just such principles,
which are inherent in the nature of thought and do in fact determine everything,
although they themselves cannot be understood immediately and without
more ado.

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R. Florida – Cities and the Creative Class

Cities are cauldrons of creativity. They have long been the vehicles for
mobilizing, concentrating, and channeling human creative energy.They
turn that energy into technical and artistic innovations, new forms of
commerce and new industries, and evolving paradigms of community
and civilization.

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Xiu Xiu – Crank Heart

Here’s something a bit weird for this tragic part of the week when Monday is at the door, ready to come in but you are unwilling to acknowledge  this fact and you try to magically influence reality yet the only effect you do achive is a little disfigurement of the space around you. So now  you sit in this odd place, not quite the same as it was an hour befeore, sore and hopeless about having no influence on the calendar at the same time uneasy about your ability to still make things worse.

It seems like a promising beginning of a story so I’ll let it be. In fact it sounds accurate enoguh for me. Xiu Xiu was a good inspiration.