4 comments on “A. Tarkovsky – Stalker

  1. Peter Cooper says:

    Hmm, don’t know about that. Here’s Magritte attempting to create the first sex doll (presumably for some form of self gratification) and most Art is associated with money – sometimes vast sums, in today’s market, or patronage to reflect or depict the ‘greatness’ or ‘virtues’ of the patron in the past. Not that unselfish really.

    • Well, money is now in every place where things desired by people are. I have my own story for this painting, even if it’s not what Magritte had in mind, but what if it’s an artist creating another human being instead of an object which is ‘his’ or even part of him, then it’s the most unselfish act – not making something of his but giving life that’s independend of him.

  2. True art, as described by my favorite thinkers like George Steiner, etc. is completely unselfish. It comes from a place outside the self, from Otherwiseness. Humans have a hard time with that and quickly try to preserve the self. The greatest art preserves this flicker of unselfishness, regardless what surrounds it or consumes it. Thanks for this quote from my favorite film maker!

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