M. Antonioni – L’eclisse

Two people shouldn’t know each other too well if they want to fall in love. But then maybe they shouldn’t fall in love at all.

*R. Magritte- The Lovers


11 comments on “M. Antonioni – L’eclisse

  1. I think they should try anyway. There’s always something of value that comes from every human interaction. I think not being able to see physically would add to acceptance; being sighted is sometimes blinding.

  2. jumeirajames says:

    Brilliant movie – its early scenes exploring the ennui of married life choke me with frustration and wonder.

    • I love the way she depicted pure playfulness, as she amused herself with everything at hand from little objcets to grown men

      (btw: they weren’t married yet, only engaged)

  3. jumeirajames says:

    Magritte’s mother drowned herself and he saw her body with a cloth wrapped around its face. The image resonates far beyond it’s face value

  4. secretordinand says:

    Part of me sort of agrees with this, maybe we shouldn’t know each other too well if we are to fall in love, but once in love do we then grow together? And if we don’t fall in love, is that still OK? Do we even need to fall in love? Just my rambling thoughts.

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