G. Dyer – The Ongoing Moment

Music evokes a sense of sightlessness or loss — a loss for which it is both lament and compensation.

* A. Kertesz -Accordionist


4 comments on “G. Dyer – The Ongoing Moment

  1. Bella says:

    I see you have started the Ongoing Moment….so far so good? Great quote btw. 🙂

    • Indeed :> his writing surprises me, it’s insightful and at the same time non-academic in a good way, with poetry scattered around and all. I’ve also seen that he has just wrote a book on Stalker, I’ll have to read it too !

      • Bella says:

        yes, I love that book and cherish it with all my highlighted quotes and parts that are beauty in words, sometimes not even his….those are some of my favorites (from the photographers themselves about their images). I will have to get a copy of his new one as well! Happy reading! 🙂

      • cool, the best, of cours,e is when the arts mix up, like the story about photographing Borges :>

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