Godspeed You Black Emperor – Static

But I tell you if you follow the secret window
and you die to the ego nature
you will penetrate this darkness
oh yes there’s many a man or woman
that’s been put in the insane asylum
when this has happened to them
and they’re sitting there today, people think they’re insane
but they saw something that’s real

*O. Redon – There were also embryonic beings


4 comments on “Godspeed You Black Emperor – Static

  1. Bella says:

    The idea of insanity really intrigues me, makes me ponder long and hard at times…and sometimes frightens me, sometimes to the point of thinking I’m going mad. Great choice in image and wonderful quote. I recently heard a judge tell a kid in the court room, ” If you say that this situation feel uncomfortable and it’s real to you, then it’s real to me too and I take it very seriously.” This quote reminded me of that wonderful experience sitting in the county juvenile court room.

    • yes, the other side of expirience: madness, drugs, visions, it’s more than interesting, if you at least doubt scientific principles of clarity, logic, rationality.

      • Bella says:

        it’s funny, I’m a graduate student in a science/evidence based health field and I still have problems believing some of the principles at times…and I can find holes in a large majority of their logical theories….maybe that is because I have experienced both sides of the coin, which makes it harder to follow the leaders. 😉

      • sure, I have to learn a lot of analitic philosophy/logic too, it’s interesting in its own way, yet what you expirience is not measured by truth/false and I, for one,do like the unpredicted

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