Last Year in Marienbad



5 comments on “Last Year in Marienbad

  1. writingthebody says:

    Yes, an interesting film….I posted on the song by Barbara on the same topic….and it struck her obviously the same way….

  2. jumeirajames says:

    One of my favourite movies, it returns in the night to caress your memory.

    I keep thinking that the movie is a metaphor for the game of Nim, or vice-versa, but I’m not sufficiently intelligent to find the connection.

    • this might work. this scenes made me think about this rule of ‘lucky in cards, unlucky in love’

      • jumeirajames says:

        I think its a play on the fact that in Nim the person who picks up the last match is the winner.

        Make any sense?

        Now I’ll have to watch it again.

      • ok I can see it now but in the relation between him and her as they argue on facts and memories back and forth sort of like they pick cards they play language games or that it might be just the opposite of mathemathical game what they play, that a one tough movie to read

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