5 comments on “A. Tarkovsky – Stalker

  1. nannus says:

    The book underlying the film, A. and B. Strugatsky’s “Roadside Picnic”, is also great and worth reading.

    • I read it after the movie but it’s a whole different thing, only a tiny inspiration, isn’t it? That’s simillar to how Kubrick treats novels (and the best way for a good director to do)

      • nannus says:

        The film is a great work of art by itself. I think Tarkovsky used it only as inspiration but created a very independent Film The book is a different story, but I share Stanislaw Lem’s view that within SF, it is one of the few really interesting books.
        Generally, when Films are made after books, they tend to be comparably poor, except (like in this case) the book serves only as an inspiration. The two media are too different.

      • agree with it all, Lem himself is other rare great S-F author, Poland is proud of him

      • nannus says:

        And for a good reason! 🙂

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