Godspeed You Black Emperor – Static

Another dark, tiring day, so we contine with more or less obscure band playing more or less rock music, in this case it would be something like postrock if you’re into categorizing. It s not often that a song duration runs to 22 minutes, but please let them finish, it is worth every moment. It builds slowly, very slowly, then they come to a hunting intermission, a little faster noe, suddenly it gets wild right through to ecstatic in the end. One of a kind piece, remember where you heard it first!

On another note we are probably geting over 100 ‘likes’ today, for the very first time and so there are 100 thank you’s.  Enjoy the music and be sure to come back.

One comment on “Godspeed You Black Emperor – Static

  1. Harrie says:

    I only knew the name; now I know the music. Impressive! Thanks for sharing!

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