R. Rorty – Postmodern bourgeois liberalism

The principal backup for historiography is not philosophy but the arts, which serve to develop and modify a group’s self-image by, for example, apotheosizing its heroes, diabolizing its enemies, mounting dialogues among its members, and refocusing its attention.

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T. Mann – Mario and the Magician

It is likely that not willing is not a practicable state of mind; not to want to do something may be in the long run a mental content impossible to subsist on. Between not willing a certain thing and not willing at all-in other words, yielding to another person’s will-there may lie too small a space for the idea of freedom to squeeze into.

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Sage Francis – Crack Pipes

So thanks to a suggestion in the comments, we are returning to Sage once more, since, for one, his music matches the atmosphere of the blog perfectly. As for the movie frame from today, an old polish picture by Wajda, although it’s quite amusing and artificial from today’s point of view it’s also interesting because of the way it links books and sex so closely. I can only think of Pillow Book as a stronger opinion on that topic. Enjoy.

A. Resnais – Last Year in Marienbad

-Always walls, corridors, always doors and on the other side, yet more walls. Before reaching you, rejoining you, you had no idea what had to be gone through. And now you are here, where I have brought you. You are still hesitant,but you are here,bin the garden within sight, touch, hearing.

-Who are you?
-You know.

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W. Fisher- Promises to keep

Natural rights theorists, from John Locke to Robert Nozick, have struggled with little success for centuries to determine the proportion between a person’s efforts and the reward he or she reaps. It seems implausible that, in designing a reward system to handle the new technological environment, we could suceed where they have failed.

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Sage Francis – Escape Artist

Here’s some rap music for a change. Of course if you look for impressive lyrics it might be hard to find, but there are same exceptions. Take Sage Francis, who I like especially for mentioning Kerouac, nevertheless the whole song is impressive and video is nice too. The landscape is still frozen, will it ever change? Yesterday we had another ‘likes’ record on Refined Quotes, thanks for each of them.