M. Antonioni – The Passenger

-Airports, taxi, hotel.
They’re all the same in the end.

-I don’t agree.
It’s us who remain the same.

We translate every situation, every
experience into the same old codes.

We just condition ourselves.

*R. Dufy – Still Life


6 comments on “M. Antonioni – The Passenger

  1. The Global Perambulator says:

    OK. I did my homework and just finished Last Year at Marienbad. You were right again. A great film. It is like interpreting 400 years of European painting. It also reminded me of Borges ‘Labyrinths.’ I must differ, however, on Argo. I found it to be self-serving, anti-Iranian propaganda…

  2. Hey , I love your will to respond, that’s some joy for a blogger! Now I need to make this clear. I have never prised Argo as a movie (already mentioned in some comment before). I post frames from movies that I watch and that I find aesthethiclly interesting (the frames! not the movies). The purpose is for them to live their own life (see ‘about’ page). I do find Argo’s plot and POV politically ‘unsatisfying’ so to say.

    • The Global Perambulator says:

      I am looking forward to your next film suggestions. I don’t know if you have seen Pasolini’s “Theorema” or “La Ricotta”. Theorema is a masterpiece, as is La Ricotta. La Ricotta is like a series of great Italian paintings….

  3. The Global Perambulator says:

    As for your ‘about’ page, it reminds me of Robert Rauschenberg’s philosophy towards painting and elements of Burroughs’ approach to writing. No wonder I like your blog……

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