Blow – Up



6 comments on “Blow – Up

  1. One of the most stylish films I’ve ever seen…

  2. jumeirajames says:

    It’s always in my top 3 movies. My only gripe is that he used pretty innocuous jazz music instead of some decent 60’s rock. Was he penny pinching?

    • That might need some investigating, remember he got us whole concert scene of Yardbirds, then the guitar breaking- I’m not brave enough to interpret all those things ^^

      • jumeirajames says:

        He originally wanted The Who but I think there were contractual issues. For me the music was a dud note (pun intended) in an amazing movie. If he had inserted some 60’s music he might had a runaway hit on his hands as opposed to a popular art house movie. But I love the movie and David Hemmings never did anything better than this.
        Imagine those two girls getting naked and tangled up in the screen paper while Steppenwolf blasted ‘Born To Be Wild’?

        By coincidence I watched the Yardbirds scene on YouTube last night and even posted about Janet Street Porter dancing in the scene (she’s the girl with the orange and brown striped trousers).

  3. I see your point but are you sure that rock music would go better with the Hemmings’ character? I’m not. He was opposing all those young, energetic, party people and Hancock was his theme music. That made the diffrence, him being bussines-like, distinct and above the rest who went crazy whene their heard guitars. He was not drinkig, smoking at the fashion-party too, he was going in a diffrent drection. I think that may be it and the music help distingushing him, although I’m not confident about the cultural nuances of the 60’s.

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