M. Antonioni – The Passenger

-I know a man who was blind.
When he was nearly 40 years old
he had an operation and regained his sight.

-How was it like?

-At first he was elated, really high.

Faces…colors…landscapes. But then everything

began to change. The world was much poorer than he imagined. No one had ever told him how much dirt there was.

How much ugliness. He noticed ugliness everywhere. When he was blind he used to cross the street alone

with a stick. After he regained his sight he became afraid. He began to live in darkness.

He never left his room. After three years he killed himself.

*L. Tuymans – Dirty road

3 comments on “M. Antonioni – The Passenger

  1. heftyjourney says:

    This is so sad but sometimes people are suicidal and it makes me sad to hear people who want to kill themselves.


  2. That’s what happens when your reality breaks…when you find that what you believed to be true..never was true at all, at least not outside of your own mind. There’s no where to go from there if you give in to fear. Forty years of blind fantasy, imagining what things looked like, gave way to the true nature of what was and he saw ugliness instead of beauty. Reality couldn’t compete with, or live up to, the beauty of his unsighted and imagined world. Interesting. Thanks.

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