T. Morgan – Literary Outlaw (W.S. Burroughs)

Joan’s idea of a good time was to go to Child’s at 110th Street and Broadway and sip kummel and have deep conversations about Plato and Kant while listening to classical music. Or she would spend the entire morning in the bathtub, with bubble-bath up to her chin, reading Proust.

*F. Botero – Tribute to Bonnard


4 comments on “T. Morgan – Literary Outlaw (W.S. Burroughs)

  1. The Global Perambulator says:

    I tried to watch Eclipse again but I couldn’t get subtitles for the second cd. It’s a good film but my favorite films of his are: Red Desert, The Passenger, and Zabriskie Point. I also watched his short film in Eros. Interesting…..Antonioni doing soft-porn with a mythical twist…..

  2. The Global Perambulator says:

    Literary Outlaw is a great book…

  3. jumeirajames says:

    L’ Eclisse is a favourite of mine – I never though ennui could be an emotion until I watched that.

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