Once there were books…

(I though I could use texts from my old blog as well, I find them worth preserving as I’d abandoned the other blog a long time age. This one is from Nobember 6, 2011. PS: try twitter: https://twitter.com/slothrop89)

Now we have break-time stories, bad-time ornaments. Simply an entertainment. We are having fun reading, isn’t it great? Of course on personal level they still have influence. Hell, they change lives occasionally. They are though-provoking more than anything else we can touch and tasate.  But…

But you may or may not know, once there were Books.

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Roughly speaking they dissolved around mid-sixties. It’s not that they died, they just slowly, gradually disappeard in the air. (see Slothrop in Gravity’s Rainbow) I don’t know the source but I’ve read somewhere that ‘Naked Lunch’ was subject to the last major literature-censorship trial in the U.S.A. This was 1966. After that a load of newspaper articles about obscenity and unlawful/ungodly use of the written word were written, but that wsa  mainly used as an adverisment for a publisher, by no means a way to prevent anyone from taking such work of fiction itto his/her head.

The authority doesn’t care. We all now that there always has to be a really good reason for that, as state is quite passionate about distributing influence over its’ people. So ‘who-was-that?’ said that only represive regimes actually apriciated literature. In their own way, i.e. by imposing  a nice, generous ban on an author/work. Simply put, they were implying that ‘here is a book that can threaten them’. That it can evolve into demonic change in the system. That it is too powerful to be left for itself. Surely it wasn’t just a vicious game aimed at depriving citizens of their little plesaures. Sadly, that leaves us with a conclusion that modern literature is impotent or the readers are inert or both at the same time.

Furthermore, it is also the case with movies. They got more violent, explicit, erotic, outrageous etc. All those devilish techniques are aboundant in cinema today. Some say it is has gone to the bottom of bottoms. But actually nothing has changed. That is, in the movies nothing has changed. It is the audience that got thicker skin. We do not expirience more disturbing images. The old-school, now amusing, movies were so strong impact-wise at the time that they produced the same effect with much subtler means. It worked then. Now it’s only pretending we can feel anything. Once people felt. Once there were movies. Once there were books…

I wonder how did it taste. What it was like. Can we go back?

This thesis should be a little controversial. Care to disagree?

4 comments on “Once there were books…

  1. Totally agree. Those in charge hold onto the status quo with tight bloody fists. Anyone who tries to instigate change is watched, threatened, locked up, ridiculed or even disappeared. Books are dangerous because they can, if actually read, make people stop and think. If people start thinking, bad things can happen to the status quo and then what? Better to ban or burn books (better yet, encourage people to stop reading altogether) and put cameras on every corner for the safety of the people…for their own good. Sigh…yes, I love your blog and thank you.

  2. HuanHock says:

    Have you read Fahrenheit 451? It’s a book with a similar question to this, too. You might be interested to wiki it.

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