Yeah, it’s a bit late for a ‘hi’ post, whith few hundred followers (thank you very much!) and all. But I belive in looking for the new ways of expression all the time, so what I had not planned will actually happen form now on. It was supposed to be just easy and to be fun, of course though-provoking, but only little bits and pieces for you to grab inbetween other web pages. It will be more now. Nothing will disapear though, nothing will be taken out from this blog.  <read on -> )

The ‘usual’ blogging is the novelity. My own word this time. There are some tiny bits in ‘about’ nad ‘recommendations’ but it’s not enough. Not any more. I think I have more to offer. I have more original content at hand. With all this being said I despise acting too bussines-like. This not a store with customers. The most important thing here is to get personal, to start a fruitful dialogue and to put away all my artistic masks of famous writers for a while, see what’s behind.

As most of you are bloggers as well, you know what’s the most precious tresure in here. We don’t make money (well, most of us). But we are greedy, yes we are. Greedy for feedback, for likes, for reblogs, for any kind of activity on the other side. Can I cal it: human energy in form of electronic impulses? Call it what you like.

Not at all times there is a good book by your side. Same times it’s a whole day with you head and thoughs only. It’s time to spread the ideas worth spreading. The last one is a quote from TED Talks. Some habits are habits and they die hard^^

It’s nice to meet you. I’m Olo and I will say even more from now on.



3 comments on “Hi

  1. ramblingsofabipolarwoman says:

    Nice to meet you Olo, I am Carissa. I look forward to reading what you have to say!

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